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Angela Waldick- Photographer

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 9 years old. My passion has been to capture the moments that mean the most to those around me  from graduation,engagement, births,weddings  or just a happy day that needed someone there to document the smiles. 

 I have been mostly self taught with 2 years in the arts program at Vancouver Island University. In 2016  I was involved in a household accident which rendered me half blind however this has not stopped me from pursuing my passion ,of making others feel great about how they look. I soak up every piece of knowledge I can learning how to perfect my craft.  I had begun modelling for this reason after  I lost a whole 2/3 of my former self.  Its for this reason I sought out women who wanted to feel like perfect tens in their own skin hence the intentional misspelling on Nightingale. 

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