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Link to documentary About Nightengales Photography

Angela Waldick- Photographer

A Passion for Capturing Joy

Photography has been my constant companion since I was 9 years old. My greatest joy lies in capturing life's precious moments - graduations, engagements, births, weddings, or simply a happy day that deserves to be documented.

While I started my journey at VIU's arts program, I'm largely self-taught. When I faced legal blindness, I had to adapt as a photographer, relying on technology to enhance my craft.

This challenge hasn't dimmed my passion for making people feel beautiful. In fact, it fueled my own journey of self-discovery through modeling and cosplay. This experience ignited a desire to help others see their own inner "perfect ten." That's the inspiration behind the name Nightingale - a play on feeling empowered and unique.

Beyond photography, I've dedicated 7 years to a farm-to-school program at Fairview. There, parents work together to create low-cost, healthy meals like soups, smoothies, and salads for the school community, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency.

As someone with a degree in eco-design and urban sustainability, I'm a strong advocate for women's health, community safety, and finding sustainable solutions. "Soaking up knowledge to create solutions" has become my mantra.

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